10 Reasons Why Businesses Opt for TallyPrime

TallyPrime is the bread and butter for most accountants. Its is an important programme…

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TallyPrime is the bread and butter for most accountants. Its is an important programme to master. So why don’t you head on to S20’s website once you are done reading this article and check out our Tally course in Ahmedabad and take the first step in becoming a pro in Tally.

TallyPrime offers the ground-breaking accounting programme that many company owners have used to manage their accounts. The extensive selection of services and options that tally prime offers its users is what keeps them coming back. To meet the ever-increasing need for company management and accounting software, these features offer comprehensive business solutions for small, medium-sized, and large companies. There are infinite reasons to use this software, but here are the top 10 reasons you need to opt for Tally Prime for your business.

How TallyPrime Makes Business Easier

TallyPrime is a complete company management tool that assists companies in handling a wide range of tasks, including payroll, banking, inventory, accounting, and invoicing. TallyPrime’s user-friendly features adapt to your demands and speed up the process of process simplification. More than 2 million businesses rely on TallyPrime for all business tasks, including accounting and inventory control.

1. Invoice Management

You can keep track of all of your invoices and the times they arrive with the help of the simple but effective Invoice Management tool from TallyPrime. You don’t have to worry about installing any software on your device or computer because the programme is available as an internet application. It is possible to create a free account and use it right away!

Additionally, you can categorise different payment options, such as cash checks, credit cards, or checks, and link each one to a particular invoice. Simply by selecting “view,” you may find out the balance owed for each invoice. If you’re paying someone else, you can give them a portion of the money before they get the rest. If not, they will be eligible to get the money owing to them right away, but not more or less than what was originally agreed upon. For both sides, this is considerably simpler than before.

2. Flexibility to use on Cloud

You can choose whether you want your data to remain on a local server, allowing you to utilise it offline, or in the cloud with Tally. You can use Tally in the cloud from any of the service providers. It is an excellent method for using Tally from any location, at any time, and on any device.

3. Inventory Management

Management of inventories is a critical area that businesses must oversee. It can be required to construct more warehouses as your business expands in order to optimise logistics and inventory control. Inventory management is essential and necessitates constant monitoring of inventory levels using TallyPrime. As a business owner, it would be your responsibility to manage go-downs efficiently in order to maintain a healthy balance. TallyPrime software features assist in keeping track of production schedules, inventories on inventory, batches, expiration dates, as well as inventory reports. The programme makes it simpler for your firm to grow by identifying the different requirements for different locations, batches, and products. You will have an inventory journal for manufacturing that records every detail and generates a thorough statement of the materials regardless of the scale of your operations.

4. Taxation Compliance

Managing your tax responsibilities while on the go is easy and economical with TallyPrime. Tally Prime allows you to keep track of your income and expenses so that you always know how much tax you owe. It does fundamental tax computations so you may file your taxes at the end of each year. For individuals who want to organise their money but do not want to pay a high professional or accountant fee, TallyPrime is an excellent substitute.

Businesses need to be tax-compliant to stay out of trouble with the law. From the VAT-compliant invoice until tax returns are completed, built-in software, Tally Prime, guarantees that taxes are accurately filed. The programme streamlines the entire procedure, increasing its effectiveness. It is capable of spotting errors and fixing them to guarantee that your tax returns are filed truthfully. You can combine all sales and transactions by establishing a connection with the accounting software.

5. Banking Integration

No matter what stage of growth you’re at, financial management is crucial. Because of this, TallyPrime features provide all the resources required to ensure that your company continues to run smoothly as it expands. You may manage cash flow, programme transactions, import accounts into your favourite spreadsheet tool, and produce financial reports, among other things.

6. User Management And Security

Maintaining data security and safety is crucial for any business. You can build different security levels, specify user level permissions, grant specialised access to particular employees, deactivate users, and much more if you are switching from Quickbooks to Tally.

7. Analytical Business Reports

With a variety of tools and capabilities, TallyPrime can make this process simpler for you. TallyPrime provides over 400 pre-made report templates to assist businesses in assessing their performance against important industry standards and metrics. Utilize them as-is or use your metrics and data to construct your reports so that you have the information you need to make more educated decisions. Sort your data by finance, operations, marketing, and other KPIs to better understand how various factors affect how well your company performs in the market. With the simple push of a button, discover the details of what is happening.

8. Payroll Management

You can quickly manage staff payroll with TallyPrime, process accurate salaries, and do a lot more. The scorecard feature integrated dashboard allows you to view the team’s overall scores. It enables you to keep tabs on their performance throughout any time frame and take appropriate action if they fall short of their objectives. It will send you an email notification if one team member isn’t performing well so you know there’s something to watch out for. Being a manager using TallyPrime does not require giving up power or autonomy. Instead, it may be a fantastic instrument to aid in the growth of the company and the people who work there!

9. Multitasking

How many times have you been in the middle of creating a sales invoice when you suddenly realised that you needed to access a different report? With TallyPrime, you have the freedom to multitask with ease and return to your job without interruption. The built-in navigation in TallyPrime allows you to travel to almost any place. You can navigate the tool without losing your existing data, regardless of the task you are currently working on. You can quickly access all reports in the app thanks to TallyPrime’s robust “Go To” function.

10. Accounting Integration

  • Direct Import: Tally Prime’s accounting capabilities make it simple to utilise an automated process that is simple to use in order to preserve your company’s equilibrium. The import tool can import data directly into TallyPrime and is compatible with many common financial formats. You can enter data without manually typing it in thanks to your TallyPrime account.
  • Buy Order Management: Using the list of purchase orders, you can quickly create a purchase order or amend one that has already been issued. You can review existing orders before making changes immediately on your smartphone. Add a product to your shopping cart even if you’re unsure of how much you’ll need. There is no requirement to construct spreadsheets and compare the data to one another. The process of calculating how much inventory you’ll need to refill your stock can now be done as easily as scanning your purchase at the register.
  • The Invoice Template: If getting paid on time is essential to the success of your company, make sure that invoicing comes first! By automating the issuing of invoices using the accounting tools in TallyPrime’s templates, you may save time and anxiety by not having to worry about the format of each invoice.
  • Real-Time Sales Dashboard: Keeping track of sales accurately can be difficult when managing many locations or vendors in various nations and currencies. Thanks to the strength of reporting tools like profit & loss statements, inventory reports, and daily transactions, you can generate real-time reports from any location in the world and maintain accurate records while gaining insights. Your consumers will appreciate all your effort!

These are some of the many reasons why TallyPrime is the best choice for all businesses. If you want to learn more about it, check out our website and enrol into our tally course in Ahmedabad.

Accounting Software For Small Business

Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) systems can transform the way you run your business. No…

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Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) systems can transform the way you run your business. No matter what service you provide or whatever industry you might be in, proper software can help you manage your processes, help you with communication and also enhance the flexibility you provide to your customers.

ERP is a system that takes care of every possible aspect of your business be it assessing, reviewing, or improving any aspect of your business. ERP keeps you as informed as possible about your business.

So, where do you start?
Considering factors like cost, advancement, elaborate features isn’t unusual while choosing an EPR ERP system. However, you have to be careful so that you don’t end up with a system that has a lot of fancy functionalities but of no use to your business.

You can consider enrolling in a tally institute in Ahmedabad to learn more about accounting processes. It offers classes on various aspects of accounting including accounting software.

A Business Management Software, What Is That?
An application or a set of programs that help businesses support, improve and automate their processes is called a business management software by definition. It is a tool that is built to meet all the requirements of business processes in the most effective way possible.

General features to look for in a business management system:

  • Project & task management
  • Time management & calendar management 
  • Document sharing & collaborating with various other organisations 
  • Sales & CRM
  • Budget management, invoice, and expense management
  • Business intelligence 
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Resource management

What Is Accounting Software?
Accounting is a solution to process accounting transactions and manage accounts mainly used by business owners, accounting professionals.

The process of recording, analysing, and interpreting financial transactions and information is called business accounting. In this way, a business keeps tracks of its operations which can become very difficult sometimes and that is where accounting software steps in.

Tally training in Ahmedabad is offered in a lot of different institutes there and it will surely help you know more about these software and accounting processes in details.

Accounting software helps simplify the processes, giving business owners more time to focus on the administration and execution of their strategies.

  • Task Automation
    Entering data manually can be tedious and also keeps a lot of space for errors. Accounting software helps you keep manual entry to a minimum and thus increases efficiency. Good software requires you to enter the data just once and extracts that data every time required in the future. 
  • Taxes Made Simpler
    Manually keeping track of all your transactions, calculating all your dues and filling all the returns can be very tedious and painful. Accounting software makes everything a lot easier. Return reports are automatically created and you can file them directly via a third-party app.
  • Easily Accessible Data
    Accessing your financial data anywhere and at any time is even easier now. Cloud accounting software helps you access your data whenever you wish. A suitable device, internet and a browser are all you need. 
  • Data Loss Is Reduced
    Backing up data is very essential especially for important documents. Without a proper back up you could easily lose them but doing it manually is not feasible. Accounting software takes care of that too. They organise and store the data in a way so that you can retrieve them whenever you wish to. Cloud accounting systems back up your data regularly to prevent data loss.

Why Choose Accounting Software?
Being the business owner of a small business, it can be very hectic and stressful to manage a lot of things together at one point in time. It is a huge challenge for a business owner.

Business software is essential in the journey of business growth. It helps you manage complexities and also improves the performance hugely.

A lot of choices may be available at the market but small business accounting software will be the most recommended considering all the needs and requirements along with the business. This software come with a complete solution that manages every aspect of the business like billing, GST, inventory etc in one single software.

This avoids situations of buying separate software and wasting time and resources on maintaining each one separately. It gives you a complete view of the business which in turn helps you make smart business decisions.

A Few Tips To Keep In Mind While Picking The Right Accounting Software For Your Business 

  • The accounting software should have a free trial to allow you to see through all of the features before actually investing in it
  • Accounting itself is complicated and if the system that handles it is complicated too, it defeats the purpose. It should be easy to use
  • The system should have multi-user access
  • Sending out recurring invoices and payments reminders call for automation in the system
  • Online accounting systems also require data security. 
  • You should keep in mind to look for a system that provides you with the maximum features you need for your business at a reasonable price 
  • Your system should also be able to give you technical support in case you need some while working on something

Examples Of Accounting Softwares For Small Business
Accounting software is essential for small businesses. It not only helps in ease of managing an account but also helps in making decisions. At no cost, you can try them for free.

TallyPrime is a complete business management software for small businesses like yours. It provides a complete solution from accounting, banking to payroll in a single software. Institutes provide tally ERP course in Ahmedabad. Enrolling on the same will give you detailed knowledge about these.

The following are the few benefits of trying accounting software for free.

  • Easy accounting and managing of books
  • Printing professional-looking invoices in a jiffy
  • Better control and easy track of payables
  • Business information available easily since the reports are auto-generated
  • Books are accurate and complete
  • Easy management of tax compliance
  • Accurate returns in the preferred format
  • Optimum inventory and stock level
  • Better control of cash flow and the like.

Some examples of free accounting software:

  1. Wave
  2. ZipBooks
  3. Akaunting
  4. SlickPie
  5. GnuCash
  6. CloudBooks
  7. Zoho Invoice
  8. NCH Express Accounts

Now that you have a basic idea about accounting software, it’s time to try out these free software and see which one suits your purpose the best. If you want to go for the paid ones make sure you know what you are investing in because a waste of money is not something you would want, right?

Proper software can lift a heavy burden off of your shoulder and help you in a lot of ways so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Latest Technology Trends in Accounting

Accountant in earlier days meant a Mehtaji / Munimji sitting with a red bulky…

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Accountant in earlier days meant a Mehtaji / Munimji sitting with a red bulky book on his desk, wearing spectacles and giving a frowning look at bills. And then we saw revolution of computer that has changed the way we do accounting. Then came accounting softwares and then ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc. Accountants tried to follow these trends by undergoing various accounting training. We saw many tally training institutes. Any new trend is followed by various courses.

Technology is ever evolving and accounting field is no exception. I still remember how demand was exploded for tally courses in Ahmedabad. And how people used to line up to do accounting courses in Ahmedabad. I still remember that first preference for courses after B.Com. would be accounting or business accounting and taxation courses.

Now what are latest technology trends in accounting in Indian cities like Mumbai / Ahmedabad?

1. Evolution of cloud based softwares
All software vendors are on this now. India’s highest selling software Tally or world’s highest selling software Quick-books all are seeing increasing adoption of their cloud versions. So no doubt we are seeing a secure, accessible and cost effective way of doing accounting. So bye bye desktop based versions. All hail for cloud based softwares.

2. Evolution of customized softwares and applications
People today also buy ready-made softwares like Tally for accounting. And then they get their staff take tally courses and training or prefer to hire staff from tally training institutes. However, many organisations have focused on providing their staff with adequate accounting training by providing them various accounting courses and training. And later on tried to have a customised accounting softwares for their organisations. This has really helped them. We think that it is very cumbersome and costly process. It is like inventing a wheel. I think there is no need for having customised accounting software when you have all kinds of softwares available.

3. Quickbooks is fast evolving in India
Quickbooks – a global leader with their low price strategy is registering healthy growth and traction in India. Small organizations are fast adopting Quick-books. I have now some students asking for Quick-books course in Ahmedabad instead of Tally Course in Ahmedabad.

4. Tally seems to have a tough time in India
Yes. It is right. The leader in Indian Accounting market seems to have tough time. It is apparent. They are being challenged by local players like Busy, Marg etc. On the other side they have regional players to compete with like Miracle, Kuber etc. Newer players like Zoho have also become very aggressive. SAP and Oracle have also small business suites. And global leaders like Quickbooks are becoming increasingly aggressive.

5. Accounting Training Institutes are growing
Yes. There are lots of accounting jobs, accountant vacancies and it seems our B.Com. syllabi are outdated. They are totally out of sync with industry. And we see lot of demand for accounting training institutes in Ahmedabad and other cities of India. People line up and ask for various tally courses, accounting courses, GST courses etc.

6. Usage of ERP is increasing and expanding
Due to SAP and Oracle lowering their price tag and increasing their customizability many small and medium enterprises are now willing to adopt these packages. Also there are many small and home grown ERP players offering ERP packages at a fraction of the cost of SAP and Oracle. They are also reasonably good. So your inventory, finances, CRM and operations all are integrated.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Though right now in my limited knowledge, I have not known artificial intelligence or machine learning being used by any organisation in accounting field. Recent activities of the likes of Netsuite are worth following. It is clear that in future AI would be part of any decision making process. So I am sure decision making activities in Accounting, various reporting systems and analytical processes in Accounting to increasingly use artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So, you may have questions, what kind of courses people need to after B.Com.? Welcome to Super 20 Training Institute. Our Executive of Commerce (Accounting, GST & Tally) Course is one of its kind in India. No match for it. I take a challenge. All the best.

New Batch Starting for Accounting Courses – Register now !

– Register now. New Morning EC Batch starting from June 5, 2018 timing 8…

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Success of Tally as a Software – II

In our previous article, we looked upon the history of Tally as a software.…

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In our previous article, we looked upon the history of Tally as a software. How Tally has grown as a software after their initiative of Tally Training Courses. Today let us discuss further on this topic by elaborating on various functions Tally has developed over time and about latest version of Tally and its functions.

Tally has multiple modules incorporated in a single software. These modules help you in inventory management, payroll and invoicing along with day to day accounting. So any person with reasonable understanding of these functions along with proper Tally Training Course can handle this software and perform these functions easily. As we see in various small organization Tally has made like simpler for them. That is the primary reason why Tally is successful.

Latest version of Tally in the market is Tally ERP 9. Is it really an ERP? Well, as the No.1 Accounting Training Institute in Ahmedabad, we have multiple experiences of various accounting softwares and Finance Modules of ERP packages. No other Accounting Training Institute in Ahmedabad uses as many softwares as we use. Well, our experience is that Tally is a very simple user-friendly ERP-like software when used holistically across a small organization. Compared to other ERP packages it is cheaper, user-friendly and simple. But it is not an ERP in true sense. Main purpose of Tally ERP as we preach in our Tally Courses and Tally Training is to generate back up files which are compatible for upload in various ERPs like SAP or Oracle.

The mantras for success are apparent.

1. Remain user-friendly
Tally has always remained user-friendly. Extremely easy to use. Butterlike smooth in functioning. We have experienced this in our Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad. Students take no time in recognizing this fact.

2. Give ‘Sasta’
Cost advantage is hard to replicate. Many other softwares came and went by just because they could not replicate the cost advantage offered by Tally at similar cost.

3. Give what customer wants
Customers demanded ERP version. They gave. Just one example. Always tried to elate their customers by offering what they really wanted.

4. Target the masses
They have always tried to cover the large mass of SMEs in India. This has really helped Tally. It is beyond doubt that because of this their revenues multiplied year on year.

5. Remain simple
They remained simple. Simple to operate. Simple to buy. Simple to learn. We are one the best Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad and we have always experienced that the students catch up learning, operating and using Tally so quickly. Always simple.

If you like the article, do not forget to share the knowledge. If you like any of Tally Courses, Accounting Courses, Taxation Courses, GST Courses, you are welcome at our Institute. We are one of the most quality conscious, practical, job-oriented and the best Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad. Feel free to reach us.

Success of Tally as an Accounting Software – I

Friends in today’s article we will try to understand the success of Tally as…

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Friends in today’s article we will try to understand the success of Tally as an Accounting software. Well, before we begin let me just introduce ourselves. We are No.1 in Tally Training, GST Training, Taxation Training and Accounting coaching classes in Ahmedabad. We have been very successful in getting students jobs after completion of their Accounting Courses, Tally Courses, Taxation Courses, GST Courses.

How Tally was born?
Tally is a brainchild of S S Goenka and his son Bharat. Goenkas were facing problems in handling their day to day bookkeeping and accounting. So Bharat being a brilliant graduate in Mathematics took up a challenge to develop an MS-DOS based accounting software Peutronics Financial Accountant. It was a success way back in 1986. So a smart guy with an urge to solve problem became an instant success. May be someone has advised them to rename this software so they renamed it to Tally. And we have a world class brand like Tally with us serving us since then.

With the changes in technologies, Tally has coped up with the same pace of changes. They launched Windows based version when Windows were launched. When ERP started penetrating businesses they launched Tally ERP versions. And Tally ERP became rage. Their latest version Tally ERP 9 became money-spinner. Over a period of time, they also kept incorporating various taxation and compliances related modules and changes into the software. So Tally was not just used in Accounting it was used in Taxation, Sales Tax, GST related compliances also. It really made life of businesses and accounting in particular very smooth.

Very important for any software product company is to have people addicted to their software. So they did not bother about piracy. They launched education version, auditor access, schemes for Chartered Accountants. This has created a fort around them. They did wonders with such high penetration strategies.

The major change came when they pushed on Tally Training – A Training based on their software. And soon you see flourishing Tally Courses, Tally Training Institutes. There are many students vying to get themselves do Accounting Course through a Tally Course. Tally became synonymous with Accounting in many parts of the country. Many institutes launched Tally Accounting Course, Tally Taxation Course, Tally GST Course etc. Tally Courses based on various versions of Tally also were in demand. So basically, through this route the product went viral. It so became that students wanted to Accounting Course / Training will come and ask for Tally Course at the Institute or an accountant wanted to learn Taxation came to ask for Tally Taxation Course or GST Course. I think Goenkas may not have expected this much love and affection from the users.

We are no fan of an Accounting Software. But let us accept that Tally has created name for itself. And it is really praiseworthy. An Indian company, completely homegrown and has made a mark for itself in this country. In the next article, we will discuss more on this topic.

Accounting and Tally classes in Ahmedabad are so much in demand that students despite having a subject to learn are still wanting to learn more from these classes. the bigger challenge is to find the right institute to train you and hone your accounting skills.