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    QuickBooks & US Taxation Expert

    Are you looking to upskill and stay ahead of the competition in today’s job market? Look no further than our QuickBooks Course in Ahmedabad! This Quickbooks course is designed to help you expand your client base and skill set as an accountant and give you the expertise required to deal with International Accounting. You will understand how to navigate your way around the QuickBooks software which is the standard software used by most firms. Having expertise in Quickbooks can open up a ton of doors for you in International Accounting!

    Time Frame  2 months

    Sessions Morning, Afternoon, Evenings, Weekend

    Mode Classroom, Online mode.

    Course Content

    • Basic Accounting Concepts
    • Basic Understanding of Quickbooks as a software
    • Master creation in Quickbooks
    • Vendor Creation
    • Customer Creation
    • Invoicing and expense booking
    • Vendor payment and customer collection
    • Tally Data Export and Reporting
    • Payroll – Accounting, PF, ESI, PT
    • Direct Tax and Indirect Tax
    • Withholding Tax Configuration
    • Template Configuration for an Invoice
    • Custom Layout for an Invoice
    • GST Payment and Return filing
    • E-way Bill and E-Invoicing
    • Creating new Service Item
    • Integration of Banks with Quickbooks
    • Quickbooks Data Export and Reporting
    • Advance Excel
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    Focus Areas


    • QuickBooks configuration
    • Company Master Creation
    • Invoicing
    • Banking
    • Reconciliation

    Managing Vendors

    • Vendor creation
    • Accounts Payable register
    • Entry of invoices
    • Bills Payment

    Managing Customers

    • Customer creation
    • Invoicing
    • Recording Sales Receipt
    • Accounts Receivable Register


    • Basic Understanding of direct tax
    • Basic Understanding of indirect tax
    • Configuration of Indirect Tax
    • Configuration of withholding tax
    • Income Tax Returns


    • Configuration of payroll
    • Create employee master
    • Processing payroll payments
    • Tracking statutory obligations
    • Processing salary reports

    MIS Reporting

    • QuickReports
    • Export to Excel
    • Create Dashboards

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    Why We crafted The US Accounting Course?

    Ahmedabad is a global hub for international accounting, with many firms demanding young accountants who have practical exposure to international accounting practices. In response to this demand, we have started a international accounting course that focuses on providing commerce students with hands-on experience in using tools such as QuickBooks, Payroll, Indirect Tax, Withholding Tax which are essential for working with international clients.

    Why this US Taxation course is perfect for you?

    We also emphasize the importance of mastering Excel and communication skills, which are critical for success in the international accounting profession. Our international accounting course in ahmedabad is designed to prepare students for a career in international accounting, which offers the opportunity to work with international clients five days a week. We believe that accounting is a white-collar profession that is highly valued internationally, and we are committed to helping our students succeed in this exciting field with our US Taxation Course.

    Best Quickbooks & US Taxation Course in Ahmedabad

    Our Quickbooks & US Taxation course in Ahmedabad is the best in the area. It provides a comprehensive training program that covers various aspects of financial management, including using QuickBooks software and understanding the complexities of US taxation. Our US Taxation course is designed to provide learners with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in managing international accounting transactions, generating reports, and preparing financial statements using QuickBooks. We also cover essential topics such as income tax, sales tax, and payroll tax, among others, to ensure that learners understand US taxation laws and regulations with our US Taxation Course.

    Why S20?

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    We suggest that you take a more wholesome approach towards learning about the basic concepts that are required to be good at operating a software like Tally. Understanding the nuances of GST, TDS, income tax and payroll is very important to become an expert at Tally.

    However, if you feel that you are confident with these concepts, we would love to create a custom course for you that will only take you through the intricacies of operating Tally. All you need to do is give us a call!

    We aim to provide the best quality education to all those in need. Reach out to our the Super 20 Institute to know what offers we have running right now and what is the best package we can work out for you. We always have your best interest in focus.

    We do! You can call the front desk at our institute to enquire about ongoing scholarships for student who always have a keen mind to learn.

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