Privacy Policy

In accordance with the requirements of the laws of the land, the user while using this website, is expected and assumed to have read and understood this privacy policy and hereby provides his unconditional and entire consent to the collection, processing, storage, usage, sharing of his/her personal data in accordance with the following privacy policy.

Data protection

The administrators of the site www.s20.in (hereinafter referred to as the Site or the institute) will make their best possible attempts so as the personal data provided by the user does not get leaked, compromised, breached, misused, stolen.

Obtaining personal information

The site administrators, search engines, internet service providers, browser companies, social media and communication companies, other software and technology companies may obtain personal data of the user through direct methods like asking relevant information and also may obtain the data of the user through indirect methods like cookies, tracking etc. for which the user has not provided any explicit permission.

Use of personal information

The site uses the User’s personal information for maintenance, to improve quality of services and user experience, for conducting marketing programs, statistical research, as well as for the promotion of services on the market by making direct contacts with the potential buyers using various means of communication, including, but not limited to: postal mailing, e-mail, telephone, fax, internet, chats, messaging etc. As part of carrying out the transaction, fulfilment of the order or providing better service and user experience in general, some of the personal information can be provided to the bank, the institute, counterparties of the institute, the payment system, search engines, internet service providers, browser companies, social media and communication companies, other software and technology companies or such other third parties. In order to monetize the user base of the site, the app, the students, the administrators may decide to promote third party advertisements and services on the site or help third parties in marketing activities. This may lead to potential sharing of personal data of the site users with such third parties within the purview of such marketing arrangements. The site makes every effort to preserve the safety of the User’s personal data. Personal information can be disclosed in cases described by law, or when the administration considers such actions necessary to comply with the legal procedure, in national interest, in public good and welfare, Govt. agencies, court order or legal process necessary for the user to work with the Site. In other cases, the information that the User transmits to the Site will not be disclosed to third parties.


After the user has left the data, the user may at any point of time lodge his objection to the site administrator with respect to removal of his data from the database maintained by the site administrators. However, the user cannot ask the site administrators for removal his data from the third party databases with whom the data has been shared in terms of this privacy policy.


The site may contain links to other sites. The site is not responsible for the content, quality, privacy and security policies of those sites. This privacy statement applies only to information posted directly on the site.


The site ensures the safety of the user data from unauthorized access from third parties.

Change notifications

The site reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without further notice. Such changes come into force from the moment of their publication. Users can track changes to the privacy policy on their own by checking this privacy policy document.