Refund and Cancellation Policy

Super 20 Training Institute (herein referred as the institute) through their website, application and in-classroom sells various services like education, training, training courses, training material etc.

These are not characterized as products and hence, a user, once subscribes to any of the services of the institute is not entitled to any kind of refund, cancellation or quality complaints.

Hence, the users are specifically requested to make themselves informed and aware about the nature of the training, education, courses or any other services being provided by the institute and its affiliates and then only make a subscription to the referred services.

In no case, the referred services of institute will guarantee you any quality or outcome of the usage of the referred services.

The users are well aware that the nature of services are such that once they subscribe to the services, the services are considered to be delivered / provided by the institute fully, entirely without any division or part.

In case of technical failure, technological issues, software glitch, network problems, non-compatibility of hardware / software etc., the institute is not liable and the user cannot seek refund or cancellation and it will be considered that the services are completely and entirely provide by the institute.

The terms of the services are at times explicitly mentioned or otherwise. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure that he understands the terms of the services entirely before making the subscription to use the services.

In view of this policy, the user will carry out his own due diligence considering that no refund or cancellation of his subscription is possible before making any subscription to the institute. Even for the EMI, installment subscription or subscription made on part payment basis, the user has to honour all his commitment towards EMI, installments etc. and make the whole payment as per the subscription amount.

This refund and cancellation policy is part and parcel of the entire agreement and all other terms and conditions laid out by the institute.