Free Tally Training For Cancer Affected Family Members

Friends in our today’s article we will not discuss about any knowledge updates. Today…

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Free Tally Training For Cancer Affected Family Members - s20

Friends in our today’s article we will not discuss about any knowledge updates. Today we have decided to launch a social initiative and we are making a formal declaration through this article. Super 20 Training Institute also known as S20 – being the best Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad decides to nurture the culture of learning tally among employable cancer affected family members and in turn help them to get employment.
This thought came to our mind just because we have talked to a doctor and got to know that every year there are approx. 15 lakh patients diagnosed with cancer. We have not verified the figure. But we have realized that there is a problem in society. These patients have family responsibilities to shoulder. There will be family members who may need employment immediately. By enrolling these members for free for our Tally Course in Ahmedabad and by providing them Tally Training in Ahmedabad, we can help them in getting a good accounting job or they can make career in accounting or such other related field.

Eligibility: 12th pass candidate from any stream

Medical Certificate: Medical certificate from an oncologist certifying any one of cancer affected father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, child.

Course: Executive of Commerce Course (covers tally training, accounting training, GST training, income tax training etc.)

Duration: 3 Months

Placement: After completion of the course

Fees: No fees. 100% scholarship will be provided to the candidate.

About EC Course:
EC Course is a flagship course of S20. It is a practical training program for commerce students. Non-commerce students / businessmen can also take advantage of this course. Many students every year take this course and get 100% placement assistance from the institute. EC Course is ideal for students looking for Tally Course, Accounting Course, GST Course, Income Tax Course, Taxation Course, because it covers various 9 modules which encompass all the above learning areas.

About S20:
Super 20 Training Institute famously S20 is N0.1 Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad. S20 is started by a team of Chartered Accountants lead by CA Jigar Patel. One can contact the institute by calling on 7069646028 as well as by visiting www.s20.in. All of the courses offered by S20 have a simple learning mantra “No Books… Only Practical…”

Let us fight cancer by helping affected families. Let us train people and make them employable through skill development.

Success of Tally as a Software – II

In our previous article, we looked upon the history of Tally as a software.…

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In our previous article, we looked upon the history of Tally as a software. How Tally has grown as a software after their initiative of Tally Training Courses. Today let us discuss further on this topic by elaborating on various functions Tally has developed over time and about latest version of Tally and its functions.

Tally has multiple modules incorporated in a single software. These modules help you in inventory management, payroll and invoicing along with day to day accounting. So any person with reasonable understanding of these functions along with proper Tally Training Course can handle this software and perform these functions easily. As we see in various small organization Tally has made like simpler for them. That is the primary reason why Tally is successful.

Latest version of Tally in the market is Tally ERP 9. Is it really an ERP? Well, as the No.1 Accounting Training Institute in Ahmedabad, we have multiple experiences of various accounting softwares and Finance Modules of ERP packages. No other Accounting Training Institute in Ahmedabad uses as many softwares as we use. Well, our experience is that Tally is a very simple user-friendly ERP-like software when used holistically across a small organization. Compared to other ERP packages it is cheaper, user-friendly and simple. But it is not an ERP in true sense. Main purpose of Tally ERP as we preach in our Tally Courses and Tally Training is to generate back up files which are compatible for upload in various ERPs like SAP or Oracle.

The mantras for success are apparent.

1. Remain user-friendly
Tally has always remained user-friendly. Extremely easy to use. Butterlike smooth in functioning. We have experienced this in our Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad. Students take no time in recognizing this fact.

2. Give ‘Sasta’
Cost advantage is hard to replicate. Many other softwares came and went by just because they could not replicate the cost advantage offered by Tally at similar cost.

3. Give what customer wants
Customers demanded ERP version. They gave. Just one example. Always tried to elate their customers by offering what they really wanted.

4. Target the masses
They have always tried to cover the large mass of SMEs in India. This has really helped Tally. It is beyond doubt that because of this their revenues multiplied year on year.

5. Remain simple
They remained simple. Simple to operate. Simple to buy. Simple to learn. We are one the best Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad and we have always experienced that the students catch up learning, operating and using Tally so quickly. Always simple.

If you like the article, do not forget to share the knowledge. If you like any of Tally Courses, Accounting Courses, Taxation Courses, GST Courses, you are welcome at our Institute. We are one of the most quality conscious, practical, job-oriented and the best Tally Training Institute in Ahmedabad. Feel free to reach us.