How to Generate an e-Way Bill Instantly in TallyPrime

For consignments involving the movement of commodities exceeding the declared value, an “electronic waybill,”…

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For consignments involving the movement of commodities exceeding the declared value, an “electronic waybill,” also known as an “e-way bill,” is necessary. Most states have a threshold value of Rs.50,000, however, others have greater threshold levels. An e-way bill is not a new or recently discovered idea. It has actually been around for a while and was around before GST under several titles. The supplier or carrier must first generate an e-way bill from the website before transporting or sending the goods. When the e-way bill is generated, the supplier has the option to record the individual consignment’s unique number on the document.

Today, the majority of firms create e-way bills by entering the invoice information directly on the portal or using offline tools (JSON). Even though it is a requirement, creating the e-way bills takes time and effort, which makes the entire process of invoicing and shipping difficult. Regardless matter how big or little your organisation is, you must have already experienced this widespread problem.

The most recent version of TallyPrime includes an integrated connected e-way bill solution that generates e-way bills quickly, which helps to reduce the complexity in the present method of generating them and makes the entire process simple and smooth.

You may quickly generate e-way bills with TallyPrime’s internet linked e-way bill solution. Simply enter an invoice as you normally would, and TallyPrime will generate an e-way bill and record the e-way bill number on the invoice.

Let’s first take a look at what an e-way bill is.

What is an e-way bill?

Most businesses today create e-way bills by directly inputting the invoice data on the portal or using offline tools. The process of invoicing and shipping is challenging since, despite being required, preparing the e-way bills requires time and effort.

A connected integrated e-way bill solution that generates e-way bills fast is part of the most recent version of TallyPrime. This makes the process simple and straightforward and helps to lessen the complexity of the current way of generating them.

How to Generate an e-Way Bill in Tally Prime?

You can quickly create an e-Way Bill while keeping a copy of your invoice and printing the QR code and other information. Set the Send e-Way Bill information with e-Invoice option to Yes in your company’s (F11) features if you want to create an e-Way Bill with details.

As per usual, record a GST transaction.

1. Choose the party by clicking on Party A/c name. The screen for dispatch details will now appear.

A. Press Enter after entering the necessary information. It will then display the Party Details screen. This will already be filled in with the data from the party ledger.
B. Press Enter to continue with the transaction and, if necessary, update the Party Details.

2. Include additional voucher information, such as the Sales ledger, the Name of the Item, the GST ledger, and so forth.

3. Set the option Provide GST/e-Way Bill to Yes. The Additional Details: Sales Taxable will appear. On the basis of the information entered in this screen, the e-Way Bill will be generated.

4. Press Enter to proceed with the transaction.

5. To save, press Ctrl + A.
The generation of an e-Way Bill will be confirmed on a screen.
a. Press Enter to continue. The screen for e-Way Bill Login will appear.
b. Username and password must be entered.
If you do not shut down the computer or reset your password, you will be signed in for the following six hours.

6. Press the Enter key. The e-Way Bill system and TallyPrime will begin exchanging data. Following the information transmission, a confirmation message will show up. A preview of the invoice is available.

7. To view the created e-Way Bill with all the necessary information and the QR Code, press Page Down.

8. The Additional Details screen will also be updated with the e-Way Bill No. and Validity Date. You can press Ctrl+I (More Details) or F12 (Configure) to view additional options for setting your e-Way Bill .

How Tally Prime’s Online Connected e-Way Biils Help You

The fully automated, straightforward e-way bill solution from Tally requires no manual effort. Consider some of the salient characteristics of a connected e-way bill solution.

Instantly Generate and e-Way Bill

There is no longer a need to consider invoicing and e-way bill generation separately given the compliance need of e-way bills in the process of invoicing and shipment. With TallyPrime, you can easily create an online e-way bill by just entering the invoice. The fully integrated solution from TallyPrime reduces complexity by delivering information directly to the portal in the required format and automatically retrieving information about e-way bills.

Generate e-invoice along with e-way bill

The GSTN and e-way bill system are integrated with the e-invoice system (IRP) by design. As a result, it is possible to create both an e-invoice and an e-way bill. Even more freedom is provided by the integrated e-way bill solution from TallyPrime. Depending on your needs, you may decide whether to generate an e-way bill in addition to an e-invoice or solely an e-way bill.

Ability to Generate several e-way bills at once

The connected e-way bill solution from TallyPrime offers the option to generate e-way bills individually or in bulk. In the process of recording the transaction, you have the option to generate an e-way bill for a single invoice, or you can select to generate e-way bills in bulk (for several invoices) from the report. Creating e-way invoices, whether in bulk or just one, couldn’t be easier or faster.

Flexibility to Edit e-way bills online

In rare cases, it is necessary to cancel invoices for which an e-way bill has already been generated. It might be due to a number of things, including a data entry error, an order cancellation, etc. Additionally, you could want to extend the validity of the e-way bill in the event of an extraordinary case, such as a natural disaster, trans-shipment delay, accident, breakdown, etc. Whatever the circumstances, TallyPrime enables you to cancel, extend, and update e-way invoices online without having to manually do these tasks via the portal.

In-depth e-way bill report

You can view all e-way bill transactions and their status with TallyPrime’s connected e-way bill solution thanks to its special e-way bill reports. You can use the report to keep track of the e-way bill status (Pending/cancelled/generated) and to take any necessary actions, such as cancelling or extending a transaction, as needed.

Alternative e-way bill creation methods are supported

If you want to use alternative methods of generating an e-way bill, such as utilising an offline utility, a direct input on the portal, etc., you can do so in emergency situations where internet services are unavailable on a system or for any other reason. These scenarios are completely supported by TallyPrime. Not only does it take into account these situations, but it also automatically obtains information and updates the e-way bill number on the invoice. keeping your books up to date as a result.

The knowledge to find your e-way bill around Tally Prime is incredibly important. Head over to S20’s website to learn more about it. And if you have the hunger to learn more, come visit our Tally institute in Ahmedabad!