Taxpert Course

Eligibility: Working Accounting professionals
Duration: 1-2 months
Batches: Morning, Noon, Evening, Weekend
Note: You can choose any of the below mentioned topics. Good command over Accounting is must for this training course.

Focus Areas


Registration – Provisions – Entries – Returns

Based on actual client data, invoices

Income Tax

Provisions - Returns - Assessment

File returns of actual clients


Registration - Provisions - Returns

Learn on actual client cases

Testimonial Videos

Why we started the course?

Many people are working in the field of commerce or as an accountant and they want to update themselves with latest trends in Income tax, GST, TDS, Accounting etc. They want to be the best in their field. Everyone wants growth, increment in their career.

So we as a team of experienced Chartered Accountants decided to help such people. We observed that experienced candidates know all the basics. Even they have been working on these basics regularly at their best abilities. We have designed a course which is called a “Taxpert Course”, which can help them in gaining advanced taxation skills so that they can file Income Tax returns, GST returns, TDS returns. More than filing returns, one would also be aware of all related compliances. We believe in providing simply the best tax course in Ahmedabad to all such candidates. Many students become accounting practitioner, tax practitioner, GST practitioner and start their own consulting firms after doing this course. Instead of doing Diploma in Taxation or searching for other practitioner-oriented courses, students prefer this course.

If you are not a chartered accountant by qualification, it should not be a limitation. Or you are fresh CA. It is for sure that after the course, you will feel confident.

This training course is one of the best taxation courses in India, since CAs will make you learn on their actual practice cases. Many candidates enquire for specific taxation modules of the course. We, at times, work out custom solution for such candidates also.

I may be noted that it is a prerequisite that a student taking this training course is very sound in accounting. Otherwise, we will recommend you to take our Executive of Commerce Course.

We guarantee that the course is really value for money for taxation enthusiasts.

Why S20?

Work With CAs

Our faculties are practicing Chartered Accountants (CA). They bring their own client cases for training.

Fees You Can Afford

Person of any class can afford our reasonable fee structure. For working professional, it is a fraction of your monthly salary.

No Books… Only Practical

No means no. We teach you on actual assignments. It is practical. Why focus on theory?

File Actual Returns

You actually file client returns during the training. It is real. No demo. This is the only way you feel confident in work life.

Custom Your Course

You can customize you own course. You can choose any of the modules of you interest. And this is the way it works.

Internship Opportunities

We have incoming requirements for internship opportunities. Though there is no surety, we help you out in this.


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